What is Tunnel Washer Technology?

For a large-scale, eco-friendly commercial laundry service, tunnel washer technology is a game changer. Tunnel washers launder using less water, less energy and fewer resources than conventional machines. That’s great, you may be thinking, but what is it? Here’s a quick overview of what tunnel washer technology is and why so many commercial linen services sing its praises. 


What Is It? 

Tunnel washers, as their name suggests, have a long metal tunnel that’s used to launder linens.

How does a tunnel washer work? 

A tunnel washer, also called a continuous batch washer, is an industrial washing machine designed specifically to handle heavy loads of laundry. The screw is made of perforated metal, so items can progress through the washer in one direction, while water and washing chemicals move through in the opposite direction.

What are the differences between a washer extractor and a tunnel washer? 

Washer extractors are a better choice for facilities who process 800 pounds per hour or less. They have less of a learning curve than a tunnel washer because they operate like a residential machine that needs to be loaded and unloaded manually. This type of washer is also known as a continuous batch washer.

Why Is It Beneficial? 

The large capacity, along with the use of four times less water than conventional hotel laundry equipment, make tunnel washer technology ideal for hotel laundry service use. The technology is also highly effective at soil removal, drastically reducing ragout, or the amount of unusable linen at the end of the laundry cycle.